Visit these opticians for eye tests for driving licence

Muscat: The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has released a list of opticians authorised to conduct eye tests for those applying for a driving licence or renewing the same.

The ROP had previously announced it was entrusting the task of conducting eye tests to private parties.

A total of 17 opticians and hospitals have been authorized to carry out the tests in the capital city and 600 across the country.

They are: Hashmat Optics, Hamza Optics, Dubai Opticals, Ridhwan Optics – Al Seeb; Optics Oman, Nice Optic, Yateem Optician, Waheed Hashmat al Ajmi, Badr al Samaa Hospitals, Magrabi Optical, Al Amal Opticals, Al Jamil Optical, Al Zain Opticals, Al Asima, Al Hadeetha Optics, Al Arabiya Optics, and Ibsar Optics – Al Khoudh.

A sum of RO 3 to RO 5 is being collected as fee for the service. Some are collecting a consultation fee for the same.

“We have started receiving the applicants. We treat them as any other patients and conduct necessary checkups,” said Dr Jibna Muhammed, Specialist Ophthalmologist, Badr al Samaa Ruwi.

“Applicants bring a form from the traffic authority and we fill in the details. In some cases, we issue a certificate filled in with necessary information,” she added.

The new rule, which came into effect from October 1, aims to reduce the time taken at the eye-test counters at the traffic department.

The primary requirements for applying for a light driving licence are: minimum age of 18 years, an eye and a blood test and a copy of the passport.

A source at the ROP said the rest of the formalities for the issue and renewal of driving licences will remain the same for both citizens and expatriates at the traffic departments.