RO 84.7m deals to boost Duqm infrastructure


MUSCAT: Yahya bin Said al Jabri, Chairman of Board of Directors of the Special Economic Zone Authority in Duqm (SEZAD), on Thursday signed four agreements to implement a number of infrastructure projects in the Special Economic Zone in Duqm (SEZD) at a cost of about RO 84.7 million.
The signing of the agreements was part of zone’s efforts to complete infrastructure projects within the 9th Five-Year Plan and development until 2020 and make Duqm a city that attracts business activities and investments and to make it a favourite destination for work and residence.
This is also part of the zone’s plans to set up a system to drain surface water and provide appropriate protection for the projects currently implemented in SEZD.
These include construction of protection dams and major and secondary drainage channels with capacities sufficient to drain wadi waters through collecting rainwater and discharging it in the sea in a safe manner and based on appropriate amounts of rain expected in SEZD. The second agreement signed with the SERKA with Rajab & Aidi Earthmoving Co (JV) stipulates construction of two drainage channels. The first is Wadi Jarf Channel Valley about 12 km-long and 340-650 metres wide at the final exit at the sea.
The second channel is Wadi Sai Channel of 10 km-long up to the meeting point with Wadi Jarf Channel of 90-320 metres wide. The cost of the project is RO 49.7 million.
Hunkar Adali, authorised representative of SERKA and Fathi Said Ayedeh, authorised representative of Rajab and Aidi Earthmoving Co, signed the agreement for the companies.
The first agreement related to construction of two protection dams to protect, one over Wadi Jarf of 19.4 metres high and 1.6 km-long with a storage capacity of 32.8 million cubic metres, and the other on Wadi Sai of 16.4 metres high and 3.3 km-long with a storage capacity of 17 million cubic metres.
Premier International Projects Company shall implement the project at a cost of RO 27 million and expected to be completed by the end of 2019.
Mohan Babu, Managing Director, signed the agreement on behalf of the company.
The agreements signed also include construction of Interface Roadway Project at Duqm (Section 4) at a cost of RO 7.2 million awarded to Al Hajri Trading Company. Nasser bin Khamis al Hashar, signed the agreement on behalf of the company.
The project involves construction of an interface road from the main road (Sultan Said bin Timour Road) that goes along Duqm from the south to the power station, in addition to another link passing through the site of Sebacic Oman Company situated to the north of Duqm Port.
As per this agreement, the company shall build a dual carriageway of 2.2 km-long and single roads of 3 km-long, in addition to two dual entrances to Duqm Refinery with a total length of 574 metres.
The works includes traffic signals, two roundabouts, concrete channel for rainwater drainage of 3,830 metres long, concrete box culverts, Street lighting and protection of existing services. The cost of this project is RO 752,000.
Simon Karam, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, Al Sarooj Construction, signed the agreement on behalf of the company. — ONA