RO 500 fine for defacing traffic signboards

Muscat, July 17 – The Ministry of Transport has taken a serious view about the damage caused to traffic signboards across the Sultanate.
Hence, damage to each signboard will attract a fine of RO 500.
A fine of RO 500 will be imposed on any person who intentionally and illegally vandalizes a traffic signboard, according to ministerial decision No (155/2017). Types of vandalism include: pasting stickers, graffiti, removing letters, denting, shooting and covering signboards with paint.
Stop signs, yield signs and speed limits are some of the traffic signboards that improve safety by conveying essential information to motorists.
Many have proposed counter-measures to reduce vandalism through the use of more “resistant materials” for signboards, mounting them higher and via public information campaigns. An awareness campaign directed at schoolchildren is essential because people are unaware of the penalties a vandal faces.
Most teenagers are unaware of the high costs and potential dangers involved with vandalism.
“Incidents of vandalism during the summer months corresponding with the break in the school year are higher,” says Fatima al lamki, a mother, stressing that parents should educate their children on the danger of vandalism.
She said summer courses are necessary to keep teenagers busy during vacation. “Courses should be entertaining as well as beneficial.”

Mai al Abria