RO 385m tourism project in Qurayat


Aligning with the government’s efforts to develop the eastern coast of Oman and provide significant jobs for the citizens, an ambitious tourism project will be established in the Wilayat of Qurayat.
An agreement for the project — Qurayat Tourism Complex — was signed on Thursday between the Ministry of Tourism and Qurayat Development Company.
The total estimated budget of the project is RO 385 million.
The project, which is newest Integrated Tourism Complex (ITC) development in Oman after 2010, will be implemented in three five- year phases, with RO 100 million allocated to develop the first phase. It is anticipated that the first phase will be completed and launched by 2021.
The Complex will cover a total area of 1,282,300 sq m.
Speaking on the occasion, Ahmed bin Nasser al Mehrzi, Minister of Tourism, said, “The development falls within the framework of the tourism strategy of Oman 2040, as well as Tanfeedh (the National Program for Enhancing Economic Diversification), which aims at enhancing the natural and cultural elements to grow tourism across Oman”.
According to him, the Qurayat ITC project will positively reflect on the economic and social levels especially for the citizens of Qurayat who will directly benefit from the development and subsequent operations.
The project contains three major aspects; tourism, residential and recreation facilities.
The tourism facilities will include three hotels — 3, 4 and 5 Star — with a total of 750 rooms, and a golf course with nine holes.
It will also include 3,000 homes. Additionally, the recreational aspect includes a water park, Boulevard walk including a number of restaurants and cafés, cinema halls and a spa.
The project will also develop the fishing port and develop a floating dock for marine taxis which will facilitate transport for visitors, as well as all tourism ports to Sur.
The Qurayat Development Company was established as joint venture between Al Madina Real Estate and Fadhaa al Khaleej Company.
The agreement was signed by Al Mehrzi and Shaikh Hilal bin Khalid al Mawali, Chairman of the Qurayat Development Company. Khamis bin Mubarak al Kiyumi, Chairman of Al Madina Real Estate, the main developer of the project, and Abdul Rahman Barham, CEO of Al Madina Real Estate Company and officials were present at the signing ceremony.
Al Mawali noted that the location of the project has been selected carefully after conducting a feasibility study.
The Wilayat of Qurayat is one of the major tourist attractions for citizens in Muscat and the neighbouring areas, and is also near to a number of other tourism attractions like Sad Wadi Dayqah, Hawiyat Najm Park, Wadi Shab, and Al Jabal Al Abyadh among others. The Qurayat ITC development will deliver the required infrastructure to boost tourism levels locally and on the international arena, and includes a number of hotels in addition to residential and commercial units, a marina and other supporting facilities.
The project will also focus on the natural beauty of Qurayat, and will emphasise the outdoor and recreational aspect with a number of facilities which will save citizens from going abroad looking for similar destination experiences.”
“The project was designed to achieve a broad number of goals economically and socially. It will significantly boost Qurayat’s presence on the tourism map in Muscat, which in turn will have a great benefit to the citizens of Qurayat. The development will also deliver secure job opportunities in the three phases either directly or indirectly, and priority will be given to the youth of Qurayat, as well as for SMEs,” Abdul Rahman added.
Al Madina Real Estate, has an extensive experience in large scale real estate and tourism projects. The company has developed a number over recent years including the Tilal complex which includes Muscat Grand Mall, Grand Millennium Hotel, a number of business and residential units and hotel apartments. Al Madina Real Estate is also developing the Salalah Grand Mall among others project.
The Qurayat Development Company was established as joint venture between Al Madina Real Estate and Fadhaa Al Khaleej Company. The development is planned to be implemented in three 5 year phases, with RO 100 million allocated to develop the first phase.