Ride safe, little one

The Oman Road Safety Association (ORSA) launched a national campaign in Dhofar Governorate on Thursday to create awareness among the car users to use child car seat. The campaign was launched during Traffic Awareness Week cum exhibition organised by the Royal Oman Police at Salalah Gardens Mall in a ceremony presided over by Salim bin Aufit al Shanfari, Chairman of Dhofar Municipality.

Ali al Barwani, CEO of ORSA, spoke about the importance of child car seat, an awareness agreement for which was signed between ORSA and major public and private sector companies in May 2018.
“As part of our resolve to reduce road fatalities as much as possible and ensure maximum safety to children, we are here in Salalah to implement the spirit of the agreement along with our supporting partners. We will engage directly with the community — the residents and visitors — by telling them the importance of child car seats during our 10-day Dhofar campaign,” he said.

The campaign, according to him, would continue for 12 months. After Dhofar it would move to other wilayats of the Sultanate with the same message and spirit. “It has been made mandatory by law from March 1, 2018 to put kids up to 4 years in child car seats. Still many people are not aware of the dangers of not using such seats. “Children are prone to fatalities even at a slow speed as any sudden brake makes them fall and prone to injury that may cause internal bleeding etc.”
There is a provision of category 4 fine on the violators of child car seat norm with black mark also. “Our purpose here is to convince the car users the benefits of child car seat and make their drive safe,” said Al Barwani.
Al Barwani advised the car users to put the children on the second seat fitted in child car seats which are available in different sizes depending upon age, weight and length of children. “It is advisable to put children in those seats irrespective of long or short journey,” he insisted.
Top ROP officials, Walis of different wilayats of Dhofar and many other government departments took part in the exhibition, while many school students were seen taking active part in various traffic awareness activities.