Rich marine resources, moderate weather at in Ras Madraka

Ras Madraka, in Duqm in the Governorate of Al Wusta is a coastal village, characterized by its moderate weather throughout the year and by the wonderful tourist attractions that nature has created, represented in the mountainous and rocky formations overlooking the Arabian Sea on one side and the soft golden sand on the other, forming a tourist destination for visitors from inside and outside the Sultanate.

Ras Madraka village is located southeast of Duqm. It is about 75 km away from the wilayat’s center in Wadi Sai. It can be reached by several ways, including the 600 km road from Muscat to Al Mudhaibi and the Mahout .

People coming from the Governorates of Muscat, Musandam, North and South Al Batinah, North and South A’Sharqiyah can follow this route.

   Zayed bin Juma al-Junaibi, Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Council in the Governorate of Al Wusta said that Ras Madraka village is an attractive tourist place for its beautiful places. It is a coastal village. Its weather is moderate in most seasons of the year where the fog covers most part of it with nice breezes, thanks to the breadth of its beautiful beaches.

He added that the visitor can enjoy the wonderful view of the village and the blueness of the sea, as the visitor stands at the foot of the mountain. The view is like a beautiful painting that embodies the overlapping of the water in the land. Among the places that the visitors can go to before coming to Ras Madraka village is Ras Markaz, (5) kilometers after Dhahar village, one can take the road left for a distance of (14) kilometers to overlook the beautiful scenery when he reaches Ras Markaz, as mountains overlap with the sea. The region witnesses a tourist activity, especially during summer for its beautiful weather.

Al Junaibi explained that the village is famous for its beautiful coast, which extends for a long distance with the presence of soft sand. The tourists can enjoy surfing in some times of the year because of the high waves, as well as fishing for the abundance of various types fish, in addition to many birds and some other marine creatures, such as crabs.

He added that Ras Madraka is famous for one type of tourism that called Camping Tourism. There are a number of government services in the village that serve the citizen and the resident directly, including health centre, school, a desalination plant, internal roads, social housing, communications network and a complex for Omani fishermen

Al-Junaibi further said that Ras Madraka as a coastal village and due to rich marine resources, including fish, the fishing profession is of particular importance to the villagers as it is the main profession for them and many of them are keen to accompany their children when they go fishing, especially during summer vacations.


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