Remind, reignite, re-energise and reinvent!

So Gmail turned 15 years this year and do you remember when it came about?
We can actually map our journey on the digital world with the various services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail etc.
And when Gmail came about it was the storage that was most exciting and the fact that you could invite a certain number of people to have the service too.
From then on there has been so much more and our life has been incorporated with all facilities along with fear of security and being a victim to hackers. There are services that could include managing appointments to setting alarms.
All of it has become part of life. We might not have realised it but the journey has been part of acquiring skills too.
Speaking of skills, a recent conversation with a finance expert brought about this quote, “Whenever there is a cost there should be a return out of it.”
And this is exactly what probably goes through the mind of an interviewer while narrowing down on potential employees. Everything has to make economic sense even human resources. Why not? Because end of the day everything is dependent on money. Businesses look for financial growth and employees also indicate expenditure. But if the employee is equipped with the right skills then the person is an asset to the company.
If the candidate is a person with the talent but with no skill, then there would be a need for some training to reach the skill level and this can be considered investment. But there is a cost. The employee who goes through training and then leaves the organisation before the expected period can be a blow to the company’s expectations and can be considered as a loss of investment.
The beauty however is that the individuals themselves can invest in themselves with constant learning. The digital world provides the perfect platform to study further online while working. In fact in some international organisations it is a must to
participate in constant learning to
secure the job.
The employment criterion is on an ever changing process. While some companies believe in shifting job positions so that the employee is a well rounded team player who could fit in any place, there are others who would want to build on their expertise.
The work pressure too can vary depending on how passionate the individual is with his/her career.
The same goes with the employers as well — there are times when employers look at employees as a burden. Far away from the building blocks they are looked upon as the blocking elements. What is to be done then? Unfortunately in such situation both parties are going to face loss because the company will kill the enthusiasm in employees knowingly or unknowingly and before one realises an individual is overpowered with lack of self esteem and self confidence.
As for the company, the loss would be soon seen in the lack of innovation. Both parties need to stay focused on the big picture.
The true factor of success is a little of everything — knowledge, expertise, management, innovation and most importantly values. All these qualities along with financial security and capital may not mean much without a vision and mission backed with values.
Just like organisations individuals also ought to have a mission, vision and most importantly an objective.
It is easy to dampen the passion but to rekindle it takes a lot of motivation and inspiration. If the flame is dying do not blame it on anyone. Reignite it on your own. Do not wait for others. Remind yourself in most cases opportunities never knock twice. So pick yourself and do not look back to regret but look back at the wonderful journey you have been and get re-energised. Reinvent yourself if you must and start all over again fresh.
In reinventing we can learn more about ourselves — our qualities
and drawbacks and upscale oneself with new skills.
After all everyone has something to offer to this world. So shine bright by knowing and enjoying who you are!