Refrigeration for land shipment of all food products to Oman

Muscat: The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries has issued a ministerial decision regulating the transport of agricultural products through land ports.

The decision prohibits the entry of agricultural products through land ports if the means of transport are not refrigerated. The vehicles must be exclusively for transporting food and agricultural products. They must be equipped with devices capable of maintaining an appropriate temperature for the product and automatic cooling control mechanisms as per the load of the vehicle. Devices with indicators showing the temperature and the relative humidity should be placed in a prominent position to facilitate reading from outside.

The drivers of these vehicles should clean the fridge and ensure that the packaging of agricultural products are in a stable and orderly manner that do disturb the distribution of air.

The drivers should not to mix different agricultural products of different varieties in a single shipment unless they comply with the requirements –  heat and humidity, absorption of odors and sensitivity to cold or allergic reactions.

Cooling devices should not be switched off any time as long as the fridge is loaded with agricultural products.

Penalties include administrative fine of not more than RO1,000 as of June 1, 2019.