Ramadhan lessons from Musandam branch of OCCI

Ali Al Matani –
ali.matani2@gmail.com –

The Musandam branch of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) is making extraordinary efforts during this holy month of Ramadhan.
These efforts are aimed at serving the society and getting closer to it.
It is developing promising social partnerships.
It shows that it has diverse ideas to serve the society and how to connect to it using various means and methods.
Other branches of the OCCI in other governorates of the Sultanate are also actively working in one or the other way to serve the people.
But the Musandam branch of the OCCI shows a new approach in organising various Ramadhan social, cultural and sports activities.
All age groups and all segments of the society are participating in its activities.
This togetherness is a source of energy and innovative ideas.
It is helping local youth converging at one place within the country and indulge in various types of activities, instead of crossing borders and going to neighbouring countries.
The Musandam branch of the OCCI through Ramadhan activites shows the role of the private sector in developing partnership with the society.
Almost all organisations and institutions in Musandam participated in large numbers in the activities organised by the OCCI in Musandam.
For example, there were more than 16 sports teams of various companies, which comprised more than 200 participants, took part in hexagonal league.
There was extraordinary presence of common people to cheer up and support their team of choice.
This helped them understand various aspects of their local economy, its progress, those who played the role in its development, salient features of the economy of their governorate.
These events and activities were not just confined to Iftar parties.
But they were actually platforms for creating more interaction and communication among the people.
The development of innovative ideas on the one hand and creation of more contact and cohesion with the society on the other is very important for the development of commercial activities.
The approach of social partnership adopted by the Musandam branch of OCCI in its Ramadhan camps resulted in diverse activities and events.
These activities attracted all segments of the society.
It helped the common people in enlivening them culturally, socially, economically and in sports.
All this was done as part of its social responsibility.
What the Musandam branch of OCCI is doing is that it is presenting the private sector to the governorate in the most unconventional way.
It is very important that the sector introduces itself, its activities, what it offers and its programmes.
The private sector is required to organise activities at the governorate level so that it enriches local culture as well as bridge gap between various segments of the society, particularly youth, polish their skills so that they can become more productive.
These initiatives were taken in Musandam Governorate for the first time.
They were wonderful.
They proved to be very popular among the people of the area.
It was very important that such activities were organised which can attract more and more people and absorb their energies and spirit.
The branches of the OCCI in other governorates should learn from this experience in Musandam which was done during Ramadhan and what is also tried throughout the year as well.
There is no doubt that many companies and institutions played major role in supporting activities for the society.
But this was the first time, when we saw that they themselves come forward to organise such diverse cultural, social and sports activities.
It is a new initiative taken by various companies.
It would introduce the positive role being played by the OCCI and that it would send the message that it was closer to the society.
This would help in development of direct relations between the chamber and the society.
This is what we need in all governorates of the Sultanate. We are confident that these and similar such efforts will be successful.
Other branches of the OCCI would also explore such opportunities, capabilities and would get involved in such activities to build relationship with the society taking cue from Musandam.