Ramadhan in Austria

With over 700,000 Muslims calling Austria home, Ramadhan is a month eagerly awaited. Activities are outlined by Islamic centres and mosque a few weeks early and these activities include preparations for the following Eid al Fitr. As Gerhard Lackner, Austrian Commercial Counsellor in Muscat shared, preparations include “providing the prayer times for Taraweeh, Iftar and Sohur, which enable Austrian Muslims to know each city’s Ramadhan timings, according to the geographical location of the city and also for different Fiqa.” Muslims in the country also take seriously activities like making donations such as Zakat, Zakat-ul-Fitr and Sadaka. It is also customary to hand out food parcels and gifts for orphans while some arrange to give this money and gifts to orphans, refugees, the elderly and the needy themselves.

Various activities are also pre-arranged all throughout the holy month for Muslims and their families especially those surround iftar and sohur. Even many restaurants give high consideration for the holy month by announcing Halal food that are part of their menu. There are several popular mosque spread all over Austria to cater to different communities. The most notable is the mosque in Linz called Dzemat Linz Mosque. The ladies from the community prepare food together for the group Iftar and there are activities like Quran recitation for children or awards for memorising the holy book.