RAEC sees potential to double capacity of Oman’s first wind farm

Underscoring its ambitions to grow its renewables-based power generation footprint, the Rural Areas Electricity Company (RAEC) — part of Nama Group — sees the potential to double the capacity of its maiden wind-power project, should an expansion be considered in the future.
According to Eng Saleh bin Nasser al Rumhi (pictured), CEO — RAEC, the 1,900 hectare site earmarked by the company for the establishment of the 50 MW Dhofar Wind Power Project is large enough to accommodate a sizable capacity expansion.
“We have reserved quite a large area keeping in mind the potential for an expansion of the plant in the future, although a decision to expand will be based on the performance and economic analysis,” Eng Al Rumhi said.
Any expansion in the future, he further noted, will also take into account technological advancements in wind turbines, experience garnered by RAEC in the implementation of its maiden project as well from other wind power schemes, and so on.
Speaking to reporters, the CEO stressed that RAEC would be exploring the potential for In-Country Value (ICV) generation as well as localisation during the implementation and operational phases of the project.
The consortium of GE and TSK, which is undertaking the construction of the estimated $105 million project, is obligated to meet certain ICV commitments, both in terms of utilising local materials and services, as well as training Omanis for jobs during the construction phase.
“It is one of our objectives to ensure that the EPC contractors promote small and medium businesses, support knowledge transfer, and so on. Also during this pilot, we will study the potential for localisation, local content development, and capacity building.
Our goal is to support the development of an Omani cadre that will be involved in plant operations and maintenance.”
The wind power project is expected to be completed by end 2019 and connected to the Dhofar grid during the following year. RAEC is the owner of the project, and will be responsible for operation and maintenance of the plant once it comes on stream, the CEO added.

Conrad Prabhu

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