Quality education can ensure a good job

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami — Quality education is a first step towards having a dream of how one’s future might look like. Parents spare no effort in enrolling their children in good schools that provide good education and best learning environment. They strive to ensure their children get good education so they get a respectable job. Most parents, if not all, are concerned about their children’s future.
In most cases, good education is linked to guaranteeing a proper job that ensures a decent life. That’s why every student leaves no stone unturned to get the most of his/ her study and try to score high grades.
Usually, outstanding students get the best employment opportunities in the market. They are the most wanted candidates due to their excellent record in their academic journey. Therefore, the job-hunting competition is very challenging indeed among outstanding candidates.
Other credits that could promote the excellence and skills of those students are their projects. Perhaps their graduation projects are of importance or interest to some government or private bodies in the country. In fact, some of these projects are really insightful and bring remarkable ideas that could be turned into real businesses. Hence, students owning such projects are sought-after and are in demand. That would be the reward for their excellence and brilliance.
There are some organisations that are keen on supporting graduates’ projects and get them translated into real business. Not only private entities, but also various government authorities shoulder the responsibility of adopting students’ projects. Sometimes, both the private and public sectors back the students and get their projects executed. Both sectors have provided admirable backing to education, students as well as invested in Omani youth.
It’s thrilling for private and public bodies to take charge and support students and youth in different walks of life. A recent commendable joint initiative is the programme introduced by the Research Council in collaboration with some government and private bodies.
The programme, ‘Upgrade’, is aimed at supporting projects of graduates from higher educational institutions.
The first edition of the initiative seeks to provide financial, technical and consultative support to graduates’ projects and researches in the fields of communication and information.
This programme strives to transfer projects focused on such areas to innovative companies through business incubators. It offers an opportunity to graduates to put their research and projects into action. Not only that, to make real business out of their research, that could be a source of income to graduates someday. However, only constructive and innovative projects and ideas can compete to get the support from the programme.
Through the ‘Upgrade’ programme, dreams of graduates could come true one day. Here comes the belief and confidence in Omani youth to recognise their contribution to the nation-building process.
In return, undergraduates will strive to compete with peers to bring innovative ideas to their graduation projects and researches, so they can be nominated to the national programme. It’s always good to get your effort and experience rewarded.
Certainly such programmes would be valued by the public, students and educational institutions alike. It reflects a real investment in youths’ insights, skills and abilities.

— aljahdhami22@gmail.com

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