Two get sentence for expired food supply

April 22 – The Court of First Instance in the Wilayat of Samail has issued a judgment against two defendants for violations of the Consumer Protection Law No. 66/2014 and its executive regulations. Apart from deportation, they were convicted, imprisoned and fined to the tune of RO 2,000.
As per the details, the Department of Consumer Protection received information from a school in Samail, which said that a salesman of Arab nationality sold food items (cookies) with no expiry dates. The items were provided the school by one of the companies operating in the field of exports and imports.
The case was referred to the Public Prosecution Department in Samail, who initiated an investigation into the case and then referred the accused to the competent court. The accused of fined for RO1,000 for failing to provide the consumer with correct information about the product. He has convicted  for non-compliance with the standard specifications and the punishment included a jail term of six months and a fine of RO (500). The license will be revoked along with a permanent deportation.
The court convicted the second defendant in absentia for committing the failing to supply the consumer with correct information about the product and for operating a non-Omani worker without any legal approvals. He was punished with a one year imprisonment and a fine of 1000 RO for each violations. He had to also bear the expenses of returning the staff to his home country.
The court also decided to confiscate and destroy the seized items.

PACP called on all merchants and suppliers to abide by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations.