Public transport witnessing facelift

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami — Public transport is one of the key sectors supporting the national economy of many countries around the world. It stands as one of the important necessities in our daily life. In countries where oil prices are very high, people mostly rely on the different means of public transport. For them, using a taxi or a public bus every day is more convenient and cost-effective than a personal car. Having a reliable public transport system is of high importance for them. Owning a car doesn’t come as one of their priorities.
Perhaps, it comes as another source of luxury for them. Also, it depends on one’s daily needs. Thus, here comes the importance of having an efficient public transport where taxis and buses are always on easy reach.
This kind of sector should be accorded importance depending on its relevance to people’s day-to-day life. We should also keep in mind the role of public transport in serving the tourism sector as well. If it is reliable, then it will serve the country’s visitors and make an impression on them.
Good transportation is a great attraction when promoting the country. In view of all this, public transport need to be well taken care of in order to serve the need of locals as well as visitors.
On the local front, the public transportation supervised by the Ministry of Transport
and Communication and led by Mwasalat, the national transport company, is undergoing remarkable improvement.
The fleet of public buses operated by Mwasalat is so far meeting the expectations of customers. It is leaving no stone unturned in meeting needs of the public by increasing the number of buses and routes connecting the capital with different parts of the country.
It is striving hard to enrich people’s experience of using buses and having it as a reliable public transport. Partially, it has succeeded in making that dream come true.
However, it’s just a matter of time before the company meets the target of covering all parts of the country. This is just the beginning and it has been well-managed and received too. Some of the current routes are helpful to many people who commute to offices in their cars every day.
Many have been taking advantage of those routes and relying on them on a daily basis. To most of them, using a bus is more effective and cheaper than their cars.
On the other hand, the ministry is working to improve the services of public taxis too. There is an urgent need to develop this service so people rely on taxis even more.
According to the ministry, two companies have been awarded licence to operate a revamped modern taxi service for hotels and airport. Perhaps, the other companies will come on board in the future to meet the public needs for taxi services.
It’s pleasing to know the ministry is working towards giving a commendable facelift to public transportation in the country. The currently undergoing gradual change on different transport services is very promising indeed.
Looking forward to seeing the other outcomes of the ministry’s comprehensive strategy which is under implementation. It will definitely serve different walks of life. It will help overcome the road traffic issue, reduce the number of car accidents and urge people to rely on public transportation.


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