Private investment in four tourism projects

By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT: April 9 – As part of its efforts to encourage private companies to participate in the National Strategy for Tourism 2040, the Ministry of Tourism has allocated four sites for investment spread across four different governorates. The ministry also invited proposals for the development of Kittan Cave in Ibri. The four tourist sites allocated for investment in recreational projects in Ibri, Nakhl and Jaalan Bani Bu Ali and Bidiya.

979258Apart from establishing various recreational facilities, the projects should include hotels, hotel apartments, entertainment centres and green parks among others. The Minister of Tourism in a recent statement to the media had stressed that this initiative of the ministry comes within the framework of developing the governorates, thereby ensuring that the benefits are passed on to the local community. The minister of tourism has issued letters to local authorities requesting cooperation in establishing private companies that will work in cooperation with the local population.

One of the most important pillars of the Oman Tourism Strategy 2040 is the welfare of local communities by promoting development of the small and medium enterprises, which will generate more employment opportunities and ensure a high quality of life. The Kittan Cave’s uniqueness lies in its extreme luminosity that looks like marble, which earned it the name of the marble cave. Al Kittan Cave is also home to beautiful geological formations and rock engravings.