Photography tips imparted in Empty Quarter

By Amal Al Riyami — NIZWA: Jan. 1: The Izki Team for Visual Arts recently organised a journey to the Empty Quarter desert for members of the team. The aim was to develop skills of participants in capturing sand configurations and photographing the stars. Naif al Rqaishi and Adam al Rashidi, both photographers, were the supervisors. Participants followed a plan prepared for them. They carried imaging tools with them. The team organises monthly courses in various fields of photography. The supervisors gave them tips on the appropriate angles and settings for photographing sand configurations. Participants clicked many photos that were reviewed by supervisors. They lauded some for taking photographs in a right way and corrected the others. Adam al Rashidi, vice-president of the team, said: “The journey is part of the plan prepared by the team management to develop members’ skills in photography. Photography needs application, not just theory lessons. Such trips benefit photographers and refine their skills.”