The perfect time to lend a hand

857423December 5, 2016 marked the launch of Oman Volunteers official website. A youth-led initiative to bring good people and good causes together, www.omanvolunteers is an online platform that matches volunteers with volunteering opportunities in the community, throughout the Sultanate. The site allows people to search for projects that require specific skills, or by passion such as accounting, medical training or art and animal welfare.
“Our mission is to inspire and engage individuals and the community to start registering on the website for future volunteering opportunities, and for public and private lead not-for-profit initiatives looking for volunteers to register 857422online.” stated Eman AM Rafay, founder of the initiative.
“Our vision for Oman Volunteers is to promote volunteerism, enhance positive community engagement, and mobilise the power of volunteers to impact our community,” shared Fatma Maki, Head of Content.
The team of millennials encompass the energy and core values of Omani ‘Volunteers’ day, in celebration of today, Samah Al Rawahy, head of communication for the initiative, said.
“Volunteering to me means taking time out and doing something in the hope it will make a difference to someone else’s life or to the community we live in”.
To mark the occasion of the launching of the website Stephan Jeegers, Head of operations added, “The power of Volunteering has a much larger impact on society than most people think, it supersedes the individual and the community directly impacting the economy”.

Oman Volunteers Philosophy:
• IMPACTING YOU: We believe that volunteering builds skills & capability, enhances confidence and self-esteem while also helps to expand career and health of individuals.
• IMPACTING COMMUNITY: The spirit of volunteering builds cohesive and safer communities enhances civic engagement and participation, while helping expand networks between communities and neighborhoods
• IMPACTING ECONOMY: Volunteering successfully builds bridges for public private enterprise and enhances social connections between sectors.