Peek into old vehicle history via e-service

By Fahad Al Ghadani — MUSCAT: Jan 14 – Dealers of used vehicles from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can heave a sigh of relief as an e-service launched by that country will help them detect if a vehicle has had a history of accidents. The Abu Dhabi police launched the service which helps vehicle buyers check the history of vehicles through its website, All that a buyer needs to do is enter the chassis number of the vehicle he/she is planning to purchase in the field provided on the website.

The service was welcomed by the public, especially those depending on the UAE market. “This is very good news. I deal with a lot of showrooms selling used vehicles,” Jasim al Harthi, who deals with used vehicles. On many occasions, he has had to incur a huge expenditure as the vehicles he imported had “serious hidden damages”. Abdulaziz al Maqrashi, who sometimes imports vehicles from the UAE, welcomed the new service. “We need such a service in Oman too. This will give a boost to used vehicle market.”

He feels the system will improve the level of transparency and make more people purchase used vehicles without worrying about the hidden damages.
Last year, the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) of Oman said it was working to develop a website to provide all information on used vehicles. It would indicate if a vehicle has met with an accident or not. If so, the extent of damage it might have suffered.

PACP had said it was developing the website in coordination with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) and the insurance companies. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry last year banned the import of private vehicles older than seven years, buses older than 10 years and equipment older than 15 years. The ministry, however, said importing “classic cars” exceeding 30 years from the date of manufacture was allowed. The ministry also took another decision which said non-Omanis above 18 years can import only vehicle using their civil identification numbers.