Pedestrian bridge opened in Suhar

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) on Tuesday opened a pedestrian bridge in the Tarif area of Suhar as part of the ministry’s plan to raise the level of traffic safety for both motorists and road users. The project included a bridge in Al-Tarif on the current Al Batinah road (57.5m ) and a width (2.6m ) that will help citizens and residents to cross from one side of the highway to the other without putting endangering their lives.
The bridge consists of side decors, a slope ratio of 10 per cent, floors covered with a non-slip material to benefit all sections of the society, especially those with disabilities. The main corridor and the slopes of the bridge are illuminated with decorative LED lights. The bridge offers underground parking for taxi and bus drivers on both sides of the road.  This bridge has been linked to nearby pedestrian paths using interlocking tiles. MoTC intends to open another pedestrian bridge near the University of Sohar. 


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