Painting-photo exhibition showcases Oman’s magnificent nature

920796“Oman: A Painter’s Paradise; a Photographers’ Eden”, an exhibition of paintings and photographs by Prof Ibrahim Noor Sharif al Bakry, was opened at the Grand Hall of the Sultan Qaboos University’s Cultural Centre on Monday. .
The opening was held under the patronage of Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal al Busaidy, Minister of Interior, Dr Abdulmunim bin Mansour al Hasani, Minister of Information, Dr Ali bin Saud al Bimani, Vice Chancellor of Sultan Qaboos University, other guests and art lovers graced the occasion.
The exhibition also features a collection of poetry by Amita Jayant Sanghvi, a lecturer in the Centre for Preparatory Studies at SQU.
Around 14 oil paintings and 77 photographs depicting the magnificent landscapes of Oman are being showcased at the exhibition. The exhibition reflects the photographic talent of Prof Al Bakry, combined with his profound sensibilities of an accomplished painter.
All the 91 pieces of art shows how beautiful the land of Oman is. The exhibition documents Oman’s remarkable natural habitat and impressive architectural wonders such as the forts and castles.
Dr Al Bimani, in his statement, said that Prof Al Bakry, whom we are proud to have as a member of our faculty at the College of Education, has spent a significant amount of time over the last few years crisscrossing Oman with his art and photographic equipment and his rich sensibilities.
“The exhibition reveals Oman as we have never seen it. It is an artist’s duty to reveal beauty in ways unsuspected. As you traverse through Ibrahim al Bakry’s images, the skies, gulfs, seas, bays, waterfalls, mountains, streams, rocks and valleys of Oman in the richness of their vibrant colours through his impeccable detail, you will experience, as I have breathlessness, amazement and wonder”, he observed.
Amita’s poetry alongside the pictures and photographs of Prof Al Bakry illustrate the reciprocally inspiring relationship between literature and visual arts.
On her part, Amita Sanghvi said her poems are inspired by the paintings of Prof Al Bakry. “It was a magical moment when, one morning, I reviewed the art of Prof Ibrahim Noor Sharif al Bakri.
His paintings and photographs captured Oman’s mountains, valleys, wadis, and clouded skies in their breathtaking glory. In an instant, I was spellbound. Then, in the next instant, I was writing poem after poem. As I turned the pages of his book, the marvellous works inspired me. Inspiration kept revisiting me. The pictures remained in my mind’s eye. There were early mornings when I awoke to words demanding their place on paper. The journey ended with 65 poems, of which, I present 34 in this publication,” she said.
Amita further said the photographs and the paintings are devoted to nature; the related themes in her poetry focus on the Mighty Mountain ranges of Oman that represent solidarity, strength, security and silence.
“The other fascinating feature of the art work is the use of the colour-spreads of purple-lavender hues. I wrote ‘Lavender Memories’ I and II in moments of appreciation for an artist whose patience enabled him to capture what few of us will ever see. He waited for the awesome moments. Those lavender moments drew forth my poems. I am indeed pleased to present this literary response to the visual treat of Prof Ibrahim’s art”, she said. The collection of Amita’s poetry is titled “A Tribute to Oman: The Oasis of Peace and Beauty”.