OSFA’s First Sculpture Exhibition

Mai al Abria –

The Omani Society for Fine Arts (OSFA) launched on Wednesday at its headquarters the first Sculpture Exhibition aimed at showcasing the skills and talents of young sculptors who were discovered through workshops held by the society.
The event was presided over by Eng Mohsen al Shaikh, Chairman of Muscat Municipality.
The OSFA is always keen to support Omani artists in all shapes and forms of fine arts.
The participants are artists selected through workshops conducted by OSFA.
This exhibition comes within the framework of the association’s activities to highlight and encourage Omani talents in the field of sculpture in various governorates and to revive the value of communication and building bridges of cooperation between sculptors.
This in return will contribute to the enrichment of the fine arts movement in the Sultanate and prepare these artists to represent the Sultanate at international forums,” Maryam al Zadjalia, head of OSFA commented.
About 17 artists participated with 50 art works in this exhibition directed and supported by Ayoob Malinj, a well-known Omani sculptor who contributed significantly in the preparation of this exhibition.
This exhibition is the beginning towards future sculpture exhibitions in the country.
Abdulkareem al Rawahi, a sculptor, said that he practices sculpturing on iron since 2009 and he continues in the same way in order to introduce people to iron sculpting techniques.
“I always attempt to address some phenomena in the Omani society. Each year I come up with a different piece of work.
I don’t add any colours to the piece as I enjoy the colour of rust and I oxidise the piece more. This shows the beauty of iron.”
In his pieces, Abulkareem featured a desperate man who couldn’t overcome life’s obstacles, emphasising that any human would suffer in this life but it needs persistence to continue.
On another sculpture he featured peace in a man who sits calm playing cello, showing that inner peace is always there.
Faiza al Wuhaibia, another artist, also works on the same theme trying to feature some human feelings in her works.
In her pieces, Faiza features nostalgia, love, hope and persistence from the ballet dancer who always inspires her.
The exhibition continues until December 22, 2016.