Ophthalmic conference on Friday

MUSCAT: The National Ophthalmic Conference 2017 will begin on Friday under the auspices of Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Saeedi, Minister of Health. More than 350 participants from the Sultanate, GCC, Arab and foreign countries will take part in the two-day conference. The conference is organised by Oman Ophthalmic Society, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Armed Forces Medical Services, Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMBS) and Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). The conference includes several working papers on retina diseases, cataract, cornea opacity, keratopathy and keratoconus, which is one of the causes of blindness. The disease can be treated if diagnosed at an early stage. The conference will present the modern technologies and products used in the treatment of corneas and its different surgeries. The conference aims at advising participants of the developments in the field of diagnosis and treatment of cornea diseases at an early stage. It also aims at providing a platform for sharing experiences and introducing the new surgical technologies used in the diagnoses and treatment of cornea and other eye diseases. — ONA