Opera Galleria hosts popular lunch music event

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, ‘Lunch Music’ for Puccini’s best loved arias will be performed at the Opera Galleria. The artists of the touring company AsLiCo will give out a complimentary public concert ahead of their performance of The Moth Princess on December 9 at 7pm. The event will start at 12.30 pm.
Lunch Music is a great introduction to opera for children and for sceptics of this genre of music.
In addition, it is a perfect treat for established fans of Puccini. The informal stage, located in the atrium of the Opera Galleria, allows visitors to experience opera on their own terms.
Families are encouraged. Children are free to wander around as the music is played. The engagement of the cafes and restaurants in offering discounts for the calendar of ‘Lunch Music’ concerts mean that the audience can enjoy lunch or just a coffee while the recitals take place.
The calendar for ‘Lunch Music’ continues on the December 16, 2017. Everyone is invited to join the lunch hour of Pavarotti’s most loved songs in connection with the ‘Homage to Pavarotti’ concert on December 14 at 7pm.
Come and enjoy the generous discounts on offer at Opera Galleria’s restaurants: Café Richoux and Chanteclair 20%, Caramel and Indus (15 OMR Brunch unlimited food and beverages) and Al Angham (set lunch 18 OMR with reservations).