OOC chief Khalid al Zubair quits

MUSCAT, Sept 26 – Shaikh Khalid bin Mohammed al Zubair, has resigned as the chairman of Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), the OOC announced on Wednesday. The surprise decision came after the board meeting at the OOC headquarters. Closely working with the Sultanate sports and Olympic movement, Al Zubair is also a member International Olympic Committee (IOC) and his leaving the OOC post will annul Shaikh Khalid’s IOC membership. “Serving the national community is a continuous task that you can not resign from it. It was my pleasure to work closely with the Sultanate sports with athletes and different associations for few past years during 2013-2017 period. Then, again I attained trust in the second session to head the OOC board,” Al Zubair told Oman Arabic Daily, sister publication of Oman Observer.
“All of sports fraternity in the Sultanate agree that Oman sports have scaled new highs. Also, Omani athletes have made their presence felt with podium places either Asian or global level. However, all this enthusiasm of getting medals cannot be achieved by the OOC only. It requires a team work from all the related authorities and organisations. Today’s OOC does not own all the tools even though that desire is at the top of our goals and I believe that is the main goals for all associations and committees. We have common goals and objectives but different mechanisms and ideas to be implemented. Therefore, this makes us to be responsible for both the success and failures,” Al Zubair added.

Shaikh Khalid bin Mohammed al Zubair

The IOC member called for a better and shrewd national strategy to make more productive results in the Asian and Olympic Games.\ “The Sultanate government spends a lot for the sports. However, there is an imbalance between sufficient and logical spending for sports in comparison with the outcome from the sports.. we are not getting the required results from athletes and sports associations. Therefore, I believe we have to frame a new national strategy that include all the main objectives. Also, the vision should contain all the aspects of addressing failures.”

Meanwhile, OCC’s board members appreciated all efforts and contribution that has been provided by Al Zubair during his tenure. “During Al Zubair leading the OOC, series of positive activities and tasks has been done and linked to Olympic Charter. All that leaded for better of Omani’s athletes and the Sultanate sports field,” the OOC said in a statement.


The performance at the Asian Games in Indonesia recently was not behind the decision, Al Zubair said.
“The decision to resign is not due to any negative results occurred for the Sultanate in different Olympic tournaments. However, I decided to resign from long back but now I decided to announce as I completed to put some foundations for some programmes including: Sports Conflict Resolution Committee, establishment of Olympic Academy which will be soon unveiled officially,” Shaikh Khalid pointed out.
He added that he is not concerned about the IOC membership although it was a recognition for Oman Olympic movement.
“What I am concerned more is about Oman winning medals in Asian and Olympic Games.”
“The IOC membership was one forward point for the OOC. My resignation means I am vacating my position in the IOC. But we have to move forward and target solid impressive performance in the Olympic Games.”
“My main concern is the best future of OOC and we are all looking for better performance by our athletes achieving top positions in tournaments and championships,” Al Zubair concluded.