Omantel sponsors ‘Swar Shuaib’ live performance

MUSCAT, sept 12 – Fans of the entertainment talk show ‘Swar Shuaib’ in Oman are all set for an exciting live performance today, on Wednesday, as Shuaib Rashed is hosted in the country with sponsorship support from Omantel.
The live show will be the first stop for Shuaib Rashid and his team in a GCC round of live entertainment shows.
The event is scheduled to take place between 8 to 9:30 pm at the Grand Hall in Sultan Qaboos University. Gates open at 6 pm.
The event will feature a live performance from Suwar Shuaib’s team perspective, taking the audience to behind the scene events, the conditions in which the episodes were recorded and explaining how the audience perceive the social messages conveyed in the show. The event will not be recorded on YouTube or any other similar platforms, making it exclusively a live show experience.
Mohammed Hassan al Lawati, Events Manager at Omantel, said: “Omantel is keen on sponsoring a variety of events that are important and touch the lives of a large segment of society and ‘Suwar Shuaib’ live performance held today is one among many that the company has sponsored.
“This live show will enrich the social media experience particularly for youth and it will raise awareness levels about the importance of the digital content.”

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