Omani Women’s Day celebration with guest star Wael Kfoury

Proudly hosted by the ROHM each October, Omani Women’s Day Celebration pays tribute to the invaluable contribution of Omani women, celebrating their vital achievements in music, art and society. The 2018 programme features music by the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra Ladies Chamber Ensemble and by women musicians from the Royal Guard of Oman. Appearing as the evening’s special guest is Manal Mohieddine who ranks among the world’s top ten harpists.

After graduating from the Cairo Conservatory in 1987, Mohieddine attended the Higher Institute of Music and Expressionist Arts in Frankfurt where she received the highest qualification awarded to harpists. Mohieddine will perform with her excellent ensemble, Anamel Sharkeya. The guest star is the immensely popular and charismatic Lebanese singer, Wael Kfoury, who will also appear solo in a concert the next night at ROHM. ROHM’S annual Omani Women’s Day Celebration takes place on Wednesday October 17, at 7:00 pm. For information and booking, visit the ROHM website: