Omani visual inspiration at Bait Al Zubair

954251MAi AL ABRIA –

Located at the heart of old Muscat, Bait al Zubair hosts a wide range of exhibitions within the galleries of its museum as part of its commitment to support local and resident artists.
Under the auspices of HE Abdul Monem Al Hassani, Minister of Information, Bait al Zubair hosted an iconic collection of six Omani pioneer artists at an exhibition launched on March 13, 2017.
The stunning collection which joined together six artists: Anwar Sonia, Hussain Ubaid, Mohammed Al Sayegh, Mohammed Fadhel, Musa Omar and Idriss Al Houti, is entitled “Omani Visual inspiration”.
The exhibition contains 40 paintings where the angles, the decorative units and the inspirations vary representing a kind of simulation of the past to the present of each artist.
The artists’ different experiences and background came to the forefront and became evident in their works thus highlighting their different styles.
It is also noticeable the different techniques they employed in creating the inspiring Arabic writings and their stylistic different also flowed into the heritage elements and traditional concepts of Omani architecture used in their individual works.
Although their stylistic differences are noticeable, the bits and pieces of what make them similar as well as their influences were also easy to see especially in their use of mixed modernism and old Omani art techniques.
Mohammed Al Sayegh and Mohammed Fadhel’s work depicted the use of Arabic calligraphy in their modern artworks. Shapes of traditional architecture and a figure of an Omani woman composed of expressionism effects appear on the works of Idriss Al Houti and Anwar Sonya.
The exhibition will run until March 30 in Bait Al Nahdha at Bait Al Zubair Foundation.