Omani students take part in world cultural week in Cardiff

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Members of the Omani Students Association (OSA) at the British city of Cardiff recently participated in the World Cultural Week held at the University of Cardiff Metropolitan.
Putting up a stall that represents the Omani corner, the students exhibited costumes, traditional pottery and clothes and other visual representations that give guests an idea of what Oman is like culture wise.
The students also handed tourist brochures which showcased Oman’s geography, environment and attractions.
In collaboration with Al Wali Oman Food Restaurant in Cardiff, visitors were given the chance to taste some of the popular Omani cuisine. Students were keen to introduce the Omani dates, Halwa and coffee to visitors, explaining at the same time the well-established Omani hospitality.
Hafidh al Ghazali, the head of OSA in Cardiff, explained that the event was meant to encourage students from different parts of the world to engage at the social and cultural activities held at the premises of the university. She added that it hopes to expand the bridges of intimacy and tolerance among peoples and to introduce the different cultures and traditions to all participants.
“We take part in such events as they are a valuable chance to introduce the touristic and social sides of the Sultanate. Thus, we play our part to pay back our lovely Oman” al Ghazali said.