Omani lensman wins Ghadames global award for heritage photo


Muscat –

Dec. 2: Omani photographer Khaled bin Mohammed al Mawali has won the Ghadames International Award for Heritage Photo. The award was announced in Tripoli recently.
Speaking about the award, Khaled told the Observer: “My photo highlights the importance of products made from Omani palm leaves. Many Omani still depend on palm trees. It is one of the most traditional economic sources.”
Khaled clicked the photograph during the Muscat festival. “Heritage Village is a place where I love to spend time during the festival at Amerat Park,” he said.
“I am interested in documenting Omani heritage. I’m trying to support the Sultanate’s policies in preserving tradition and showcase the same at the international level.”
The lensman wants to thank the Muscat Municipality for its “kind gesture” and providing photographers an opportunity to document Omani heritage.
Mukhtar al Sanoosi, Award Manager, said the competition witnessed a huge participation from Arab countries, namely Algeria, Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia. He said Ghadames (Libya) is one of the oldest pre-Saharan cities described as “the pearl of the desert”.
The city is an outstanding example of traditional life. Its architecture is characterised by vertical division — ground floor for storing supplies and one floor for families. Open terraces are reserved for women. It was called the Arab Heritage City for 2016.