Omani artist flies to Turkey for art festival

thumbnail_IMG-20170510-WA0045-1MAI AL ABRIA –

Turkey is home to some of the world’s most important cultural and art festivals.
Aside from festivals of local scale held in almost every city of the country, cultural events and other festivals with international reach are also organised in major metropolitan centers such as Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Bodrum, Konya.
Kicking off this month is the Bilkent Sanat Festival happening on May 6 to 14, 2017 and Omani artist Yusuf al Nahwi is flying to Turkey to show the capability of an Omani artist on an international stage.
The personal invitation extended to the Omani artist is part of the massive effort of Turkey to strengthen relationships of different countries through art.
The festival will contain workshops and exhibitions not only for fine artists but also those who dabble in the art of music and theatre. To show support for budding artists, there is also a corner for children’s arts.
Around 50 Turkish and foreign artists will participate in the festival including Al Nahwi.
“This festival is a bridge connecting artists and cultures of the world under one roof,’ Al Nahwi said.
“It is an opportunity to share knowledge as it is a social and cultural gathering. We, as artists, undertook the mission of introducing our culture and traditions to peoples through what we do,” he added.
“Personally, most of my works reflect the historical heritage of the Sultanate. On them I highlighted Omani customs, traditions and original values. For this festival, I chose paintings of horses and different camel races, which are some of the most important traditions that characterize the Sultanate,” he said.
According to the organisers of the festival as shared on their website, the famous sculptor Fabien Nizam Güner and the famous Greek painter Spyros Georgas will attend the festival. Famous academicians and painters will also travel to the colorful streets of the city to join conferences. The event will be an opportunity for young artists to meet the masters.

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