Oman Women Association in Seeb’s Expo at TSC

As part of its National Day celebration, The Sultan Centre (TSC) is collaborating with Omani Women Association in Seeb to host an expo for home-based micro businesses at TSC Wholesale Center in Al Khoud, Muscat. Open to the public from 9am to 9pm between 7th and 11th November the exhibition will showcase a range of local products.  The exhibition is being held under the patronage of  Member of Shura Council, Naama Al Busaidi, , Representative of Wilayat Al Seeb , Muscat.

Mahmoud Al Sheikh, Marketing Manager at TSC, commented, “We are starting our National Day activities early with a productive activity to aid the growth of local communities and the micro business sector as two key emerging economic contributors. TSC is focused on maintaining its efforts in facilitating exhibitions of this sort to enable family run enterprises through greater exposure that will generate sustainable value. As a part of our ‘We Care’ CSR programme we prefer to deliver such initiatives rather than promoting a one-off sales opportunity that will only temporarily boost the income for local women who work hard to produce traditional products and other trinkets linked to Oman’s heritage”.

Wafa Ali Nasser Al Amria, Chairman of the Board at Oman Women Association’s in Seeb, said, “Our first event was a resounding success and the inspiration for this as our second with strong linkage to our preparations for National Day. As such I reiterate the association’s call for attendance in that we are showcasing quality local products that generate in-country value by boosting the prospects and sustainability of micro and home-based businesses operating amidst an increasingly competitive market. Enterprise is what it is, but when it is on this scale and an important skill-based means of supporting the family by working from home it is something different and we seek the public’s participation in the spirit of mutual interest. We thank The Sultan Centre for its support and hope to renew our commitment again in the future”.

Al Sheikh added, “We applaud the efforts of Omani Women Association in Seeb for its work to support the respective stakeholders. We further thank them for collaborating with TSC in its contribution to an activity that echoes the cultural values attached to National Day as an occasion that honours the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and Oman’s continued progress on all fronts”.