Oman wins 7 medals at Sabis


MUSCAT: The 11th SABIS Regional Tournament, hosted by the International School of Choueifat in Muscat, ended on Sunday. The tournament was organised in cooperation with the Omani Sports Association and a number of sports federations. Strong competitions resulted in identifying a number of talents, which proved their abilities among 1,000 participants representing 14 countries (Oman, UAE, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Romania).
The final results of the tournament were based on the total number of medals awarded to the athletes by countries where the schools are located, in the field of Football, Basketball, Athletics and Swimming as follows: Oman teams won 7 medals: 4 gold, two silver and one bronze.
Lebanon won 16 medals: 7 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze. Egypt won 13 medals: 5 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze. Jordan won eight medals: 2 gold, 5 silver one bronze. Qatar won four medals: 2 gold and 2 bronze. KSA received three medals: one gold and two bronze. Romania won one gold and one silver. Kurdistan won four medals: one silver and 3 bronze.
New Records
In the category of males under the age of 16 years in swimming competition, Oman registered a new record in the Breaststroke, while Egypt recorded new records in Free-Style and in Relay. UAE registered new records in the Free-Style and Back Swimming. Qatar also registered new records in swimming competition for the age of 12 years.
In the running competition, category females, UAE registered new records in 400m, Germany for the men’s 400m, and Jordan for the age 16 Relay.
Individual Awards
In the individual awards, Oman won the title of Best Football Player under the age of 14, Lebanon won the title of Best Football Scorer under the age of 10. The title of Best Basketball Player for males has been obtained by the UAE, while Egypt got the Best Basketball player in female players.