‘Oman role model for women’s empowerment’

893075By Zainab Al Nasseri — MUSCAT: Jan. 9 – The UK-based Human Development Forum has brought out a book titled ‘A Better World’, which describes Oman as a “role model among many other countries for gender equality and women’s empowerment”. Jamila bint Salim Hadad, Head of Women Affairs Department at the Ministry of Social Development, said: “The book sheds light on legislations that empower Omani women in different fields.

It focuses on women’s education, their political contribution, decision making and economic initiatives supported by formal 893073statistics.” The book comes within the framework of fulfilling sustainable development goals for 2030, she said. The book, published by Tudor Rose for Publishing and Marketing Services, says Omani women have achieved a great leap in development and empowerment. It says women hold many positions, including leadership positions.

Quoting from the book, she said: “These achievements were made possible by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, who ensured women were main partners, and second pillar alongside men, in advancing development and progress and building the community.” According to the book, “regulations and laws are derived from the statute of the state, which is the most important reference in the rights of women. The statute makes no distinction between men and women in regard to public rights and obligations and public office. It is intended to achieve justice and equality of opportunity between Omanis”.