Oman Olympic Academy launches 2019 calendar of programmes

MUSCAT: Oman Olympic Academy of Oman Olympic Committee has launched its 2019 calendar of programmes which include several courses and programmes of study, including eight miscellaneous sports courses, five sports management courses and two Olympic education programmes. The academy’s agenda for this year includes 15 programmes, the first of which was already conducted several days ago, namely the sports law programme. In March, the academy will organise Sports Events Organisation Course and Advanced Sports Management Course. In April, the academy will conduct two courses in the field of leadership and innovation in the management of sports facilities, sports injuries and rehabilitation.

In September, a specialised programme concerned with qualifying coaches of a number of sports association will be conducted through two course, namely the Hockey Coaches Course (Level I) and Handball Coaches Course (Level I). In October, three courses will be held, the first of which being in Olympic and societal education, the second will be concerned with principles of Olympic Movement in a sports setting and a finance management course. In November, three training programmes will be staged specifically in modern management of sports organisations, human resources and sports risk management modern methods. In December, the academy will conclude its programmes with two courses in sports media and various methods of integration of the disabled into sport.

The programmes and plans of the Oman Olympic Academy are based on a predetermined vision approved by the Board of Directors of Oman Olympic Committee, the aim being to propagate and strengthen the Olympic values and philosophy. The academy seeks to develop and qualify human competencies in sports organisations and serve as a hub for scientific research and constructive initiatives and thoughts to better serve the sports community.