“Oman Nature & Creatures’ Charm” exhibition

Under the auspices of His Excellency Mohammed bin Salim al Toobi, Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs, Bait Al Zubair Foundation inaugurated yesterday the exhibition “Oman Nature & Creatures’ Charm”, by photographer (EFIAP) Dr Hamed bin Mohammed al Gheilani in Bait AL Oud in Bait AL Zubair, Muscat.

50 photos withw diversity of angels and shooting styles reflecting the charm of Omani nature are exhibited. One of the eye catching photos is of the Arabian Humpback Whale which is a very rare, non-migrating species which can be found in the Omani waters in winter.
Many photos of the sardine fishing season showed the fight for life in Dhofar, along with photos of the most common resident birds in the governorate.
Al Ghailani also highlighted the charming nature of the Sultanate like the Empty Quarter Desert, some Wadis, seas, trees and Aflaj.
Dr Al Ghailani holds a PhD in the marine environment field from the United Kingdom since 2007, and has been working in the field of environment and biodiversity for more than twenty-six years. He has done many research and environmental studies on the environment, biodiversity and climatic changes in Oman. He travelled to different places in Oman, beaches, villages, mountains, and took many photos of most of his visits.
Al Ghailani received the title of (EFIAP) from the International Photographic Union, as well as the International Federation of Photography, and the Omani Photography Society. He has participated in a number of local and international competitions and exhibitions.
Through his continuous work in the field of environment, biodiversity and photography, AL Ghailani tries to document the vast and unique diversity of the environment in the Sultanate, with its components and richness. His main target is to introduce it to the Omani community and visitors as well as to create an integrated encyclopedia of the natural sites, and different kinds of creatures that exist in the Sultanate.
The exhibition runs until January 25.

Mai al Abria