Oman too has a ‘Great Wall’ in Bahla

994166By Mazin Al Shukaili — MUSCAT: APRIL 25 – Akin to the Great Wall of China that was built to keep off invaders, the 12-km Bahla Wall too is a defensive wall with many towers, rooms for soldiers, a barrack and guns. It has seven main doors, including Bab Al Badi, Bab Al Sili, Bab Sabah Salem, Bab Al Batha, Bab Al Kharzaban. However, no details are available about its construction. According to some sources, the wall was constructed during the Persian occupation of the region, while some believe the rulers built it when they decided to have Bahla as their capital. Abdulla al Tamimi, a supervisor of the fort and the wall, said: “This wall was built many years ago. Many feel it was built during the Persian or Portuguese occupation of Oman.” Al Tamimi said the wall was built to protect residents at the time because many battles were being fought in those days. Alongside the wall is an oasis with a lot of palm trees, falaj, an old souq and a castle.