Oman Consumer Protection issues new regulations

Observer Online

Muscat – The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has issued some executive regulations as part of the efforts to curb various malpractices. Some of the highlights are:

1. A product will be termed adulterated if foreign substances are found in it that may change its composition and affect its durability.
2. If the product is packaged with printed details that do not conform to the specifications set by the concerned authorities.
3. Details about the originality of the product should be provided to the consumer.


1. If the product has past its expiration date
2. Any changes to the natural character of the product
3. If the labels are presented with details that are misleading and marked inappropriately.

Consumer rights
1. Consumers have full rights to return and get the faulty goods replaced
2. Consumer must replace the goods within 15 days of purchase or delivery
3. Consumers have right to ensure that the goods sold are not used.