Oman art community for Children with Down Syndrome

971719By Mai Al Abria — It’s a community in action working together towards a noble goal with art taking centre stage for the benefit of an important, yet often ignored, segment of society. The organiser, Stal Gallery and Studio, has been conducting The Sultan’s School Art Auction for six (6) years now but just like the previous years, the donation continued to pour in these year ensuring the success of the event. Happening from April 3 to 12, 2017, these year’s art auction includes works by acclaimed artists Hassan Meer, Anwar Sonya, Alia Al Farsi, Abdulmajeed Karooh and Saleh Al Shukairi.
But the organiser added that aside from the works of these renowned artists, they still have a wide variety of other works contributed by other local artists and even got contributions from the international art community.
The art auction will take place on Wednesday, April 19 at the grounds of The Sultan’s School. It is expected to bring together the whole community to have passion for art — students, parents, celebrated artists and others who have donated original artworks.
For children with Down Syndrome
The goal of this year’s art auction is to raise funds for Oman Down Syndrome Association.
Heather Ford, the art auction coordinator said, “I am, once again, overwhelmed by the talent, warmth and generousity of the artists and the community of Oman. Our charity event would not be possible without their love and support.”
She added, “I am also very grateful to Stal for supporting us and showcasing some of the stunning artwork in their beautiful gallery space.”
Before the auction takes place however, patrons of the art can view the collection first.
The exhibition itself was designed to raise funds and awareness about Oman Down Syndrome Association by promoting social and cultural inclusion for people of all ages and backgrounds.
To demonstrate this, seven-year-old second grade student, Sharifa Al Junaidi, whose painting entitled “Lion” has been chosen to be exhibited at Stal Gallery alongside the works of the more established artists.
The office assistant at The Sultan’s School Vijay Kottarathil’s painting “Moon Light” has also been selected for the exhibition.

Committed to art and community engagement
By allowing the auction and the exhibition to take place in its venue, Stal Gallery wanted to communicate that their galleries are not solely for visual arts.
Although the gallery is set to offer the highest standards of design and programme and operation and its halls has been the site that fosters creativity and innovativeness, they also allow it to be the site for community engagement and empowerment.
As the gallery curator advertised, “The Gallery is committed to engaging with the community, enhancing audience’s cultural and artistic experiences in different spaces (both interior and exterior) and through a variety of media. Integral to all aspects of the Gallery program is an extensive offering of educational opportunities for all ages through policies and programs which are excellent, innovative and inclusive.”
For additional information regarding the auction, interested patrons of the arts can visit Stal Gallery.