Oman 2040 workshops concludes

MUSCAT: The three-day Oman 2040 workshops concluded on Thursday. The workshops discussed the key issues concerning Oman vision 2040 related to the vision’s 3 main pillars: people and society, economy and development, and governance and institutional performance. The key issues concerning the first pillar are summed up in teaching, learning, scientific research, innovation, health, national competencies, citizenship and identity, national heritage and culture, and welfare and social development.
The second pillar key issues are: leadership and economy management, the private sector and investment and international cooperation, knowledge economy and the fourth industry revolu-tion, the market and recruitment, governorates balanced devel-opment, economic diversity and financial sustainability, natural resources, environment sustainability and development.
As for the last pillar key issues are: legalisation, supervision, partnership and privatisation, as well as governing the Government apparatus, resources and projects.