Official: Oman ideal hub for Iranian goods re-exports

Business Reporter –

Iran sees Oman as a suitable midway point for the re-export of Iranian merchandise to third countries, the local news agency Tasnim said.
The agency quoted Mohsen Zarrabi, Chairman of the Iran-Oman Joint Chamber of Commerce, as stating that growing bilateral trade relations between the two countries have buoyed hopes for the use of Omani ports as transshipment hubs through which Iranian goods can be routed to other markets.
Zarrabi said Tehran also plans to utilise Iran’s southeastern port of Chabahar and the Omani port of Sohar as food processing hubs, with the output envisioned for exports to international markets.
Last November, Iran and Oman launched the first direct passenger shipping line between Chabahar and Muscat, the capital of Oman. Earlier, the two countries launched a shipping line for maritime trade linking Sohar with the Iranian port of Shahid Rajee. The route has been designed to support two-way trade in agro produce and processed foods.