OFA chief hopes to overcome Bahrain challenge

Salim al Wahaibi, Oman Football Association Chairman, and head of Omani delegation at the 23rd Arabian Gulf Cup insisted that if Oman show the same spirit and performance they did in the previous three games, they will definitely overcome Bahrain to reach the final.
“The team showed an eventual good outing in the group stage, which made us feel optimistic against Bahrain,” Al Wahaibi said.
“Asian Cup qualifiers shaped the team to reach this cumulative level. The impressive level of the team surprised the football pundits and fans but we knew that they would be reaching this level.”
“All the players are doing their roles in a wonderful way in the field, each one of them is a star in his own way,”
The OFA chief also appreciated the important role of Dutchman Pim Verbeek.
“Verbeek is a very smart and confident manager. He is a good reader of the second half which is one of the best things that any coach should possess,” he said.
He demonstrates his efforts and brilliant strategies through the changes he makes in the second half of the game.
“He knows how to utilise the available elements and capabilities he has.
“This methodology made him a trustworthy by almost all Omani football fans,” Al Wahaibi added.
Finally, the OFA chairman appreciated the great role played by the Omani fans who stand behind the Red Warriors.

Jaber al Ajmi