OCTAL stages mock drill to measure employees’ safety readiness

By Staff Reporter — SALALAH: April 19 – The Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA) conducted a mock safety drill in OCTAL Petrochemical premises on Wednesday. More than 30 people drawn from different safety wings took part in the drill along with the HSE team of the company. The safety drill highlighted employees’ quick response in the event of any gas leak from the plant and production line. It highlighted ways of emergency intervention if there is any fire due to gas leak with prime focus on the safety of the employees and plat as much as possible.
All the safety stakeholders like PACDA, Directorate General of Health Services in Dhofar represented by the Emergency Department at Sultan Qaboos Hospital as well as the Military Hospital in Salalah, Dhofar Municipality, Directorate General of Environment and Climate Affairs, security units and patrols units of Dhofar Police were put on alert after the mock emergency announcement.
988867Soon after the arrival of representatives from safety stakeholders the drill began showcasing the competence of each wings in completing the evacuation, plugging the leak and sending the injured persons to the hospitals.
“We measured the speed of the drill as to how quickly such an operation can be done in a real time event.
We also ensured co-ordination between all the wings to achieve maximum success in such situations.
Saving the human life and the important installations remains our priority,” said Captain Ali Jaboob of the Civil Defence department.
He termed the drill successful in achieving the goal of safety awareness among the employees and letting the workers understand the value of safety alarms.“Take every alarm seriously even if they are false alarm.
Get out of your place to enquire why the alarm was raised.
We were also successful in raising the level of co-ordination between different safety wings,” he said.