Nothing to beat hard work to achieve success

Lakshmi Kothaneth – – What are the qualities of successful people? I have been reading a lot about it, but wanted to analyse on my own when I meet people. There are many elements that make a person successful.  I recently met three people from different walks of life. Being successful doesn’t mean they are making waves on social media or are being talked about. They have been silently working for decades.
Their success story was not achieved overnight. A renowned surgeon I met was a hardworking person who was performing all types of surgeries, but later decided to specialise in metabolic and more specifically, bariatric surgery.
“Life was not always smooth,” he said, but when it did, he says it is good.
How did he reach that level? “My mentor always told me — listen to your patients more. They are the ones through the ailments. It is easy to dismiss their thoughts as psychological, but what they express is important.”
He spoke of another important lesson in value. He runs a Centre of Excellence. “I was told money should not be the criteria. It has to be quality. Quality in care and in everything you do.”
I met another person who has come all the way from being a technical expert to the general manager of the company. Talking to him about getting it right all the time, he said, “It is the detail.”
They match up, don’t they — quality and details?
Paying attention to detail helps one maintain quality consistently. Once you hit the formula, we just need to repeat it to maintain consistency, which leads to success.
But in comes innovation, as nothing can remain the same for too long. He has been constantly learning by appearing for tests, getting trained and receiving certifications.
Jute, a vegetable fibre, was just another commodity used for making bags, ropes and rugs. Today it has attained the status of fabric. It is well-received in the fashion industry.
There is so much potential in each one of us that it only takes a step in that direction to tap the potential and turn it into reality. The first step would have to be taken internally.
When we look outward for answers and inspiration, we do not realise there is something within you that wants to be expressed but we fear from breaking away from the conformity.
According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations jute fibre is 100 per cent bio-degradable and recyclable, because of which it is considered environmentally-friendly.
A hectare of jute plants consumes 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tonnes of oxygen.
Innovation is not just about technology, but at times it is about thinking differently.
It can be applied in all professions. As many successful people point out they are not having a career, but they are just having fun. That must be the secret of having the right attitude and doing exactly what you enjoy.
Choosing the career path is at times tricky. A lot of times, there is also an element of luck. But the people I have been talking to tell me when you keep making your best efforts, you are taken in the right direction.
If they say it, I believe it. That is when I remembered what a spiritual master recently said about their walk in the desert. “The ones who were in a hurry got exhausted by the time we climbed the third dune, but the people who were slow initially completed the task and reached the top of the last designated dune.”
When the pace is right, we have the energy but I suppose to have the right pace is a state of mind.