Nod to study living standards

MUSCAT: Three proposals made by economic and social committees and another on the profession of psychological counselling were approved at the first session of the State Council on Tuesday.
On the Royal orders of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the State Council on Tuesday began its third annual sitting of the sixth term, chaired by Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh al Mantheri.
The session saw the approval of proposals of the Economic Committee on ‘Integrating Standard of Living and Productivity’ and ‘Possibilities for Enhancing the Independence of the National Economy’. The study aims to analyse the current standard of living of citizens and their levels of performance as well as the level of productivity.
It deals with the extent of the impact of economic challenges and the solutions deduced so far.
It will determine mechanisms used as well as the criteria on which it is based on to try to come up with an integrated general framework that links the targeted living standards and productivity.
It aims to develop general framework for ensuring the independence of the national economy and propose an appropriate structure for Omani foreign trade by identifying potential risk reduction indicators, which require their integration into the strategy of economic diversification and the vision of ‘Oman 2040’.
The Council approved Social Committee’s proposal to study “the reality of services provided by sports clubs and how to benefit from them to serve the community” and “the Omani national project to reduce child accidents”, while prioritising the study of the second proposal.
The objective is to review child safety legislations, propose new items or amend existing ones and develop a national strategy for reducing child accidents.
The strategy has to be sustainable and renewable to reflect the changes in Omani society and environment.
This is to be done by determining size of the problem in the Sultanate and factors contributing to its occurrence, and strengthening database of accidents and follow-up reports on deaths and accidents of children.
The panel has cited several reasons for the study “the reality of services provided by sports clubs and ways to benefit them to serve the community”.
They include: lack of conformity of the role of sports clubs with the objectives stipulated in its statutes and the weakness of clubs’ ability to absorb young people in social/cultural activities parallel to sports activities to keep them occupied in their leisure time and develop their intellectual and behavioural skills; need for sports clubs to invest in services to generate effective returns on a sustainable basis and perform activities autonomously without adding to the cost of public treasury.
It approved the proposal of Dr Suad bint Mohammed al Lawati, Deputy Chairperson of the State Council on the practise of profession of psychological counselling.
It said a committee will be formed to formulate the proposal to finalise it and include members’ observations. Dr Suad explained during discussions that many problems and mental disorders are faced by people of different ages and are not treated in hospitals, health centres and medical clinics. It needs treatment through special centres that provide psychological counselling services.
The goal is to make the person compatible with the community to live a healthy and happy life and be productive for his family, community and homeland.
Dr Suad justified the profession of psychological counselling by saying there is an absence of law that regulates the work of private counselling and family counselling centres.
Dr Suad said those providing family counselling must hold professional qualifications in postgraduate studies in the field of psychological counselling, clinical psychology or mental health. They should have practical training as per international standards adopted by the profession of psychological counselling. The chairman, in his opening speech, welcomed State Council members and congratulated them on the 47th National Day, asking the Almighty to restore this national occasion to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and wished the Omani people progress and prosperity.
Dr Al Mantheri said the Council is exceedingly keen to translate the evolving vision and directives of His Majesty into reality.
The session viewed the new film based on State Council. It has received the support and guidance of the chairman. The film is an initiative of the Council to promote deepening of parliamentary awareness.
The film highlights the march of the Shura in the Sultanate and the role of the State Council in national work by focusing on all aspects of the council.