No bus fare hike for now

By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT:  Jan. 1: Mwasalat has said that the bus ticket prices will remain same at current levels, but a review of the fares without a substantial increase is possible in future, the company confirmed based on some reports. The statement holds significance in the context of increase in fuel prices, especially diesel which was hiked by 18 baisas on Saturday to reach 195 baisas. The company added that it is exploring financing options to purchase 118 buses for Muscat this year. Meanwhile, Mwasalat has been urging citizens and residents to use public transport to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, noise pollution along with the social benefits of offering mobility to low income people.

The company has recently said that Wi-Fi service will be available from the first quarter of this year and new routes will be announced soon in the coming days. The company also claimed to have ferried over 3.5 million passengers since November 2016, when it was rebranded and new routes were introduced. The company plans to introduce 350 buses over a period of three years, which include the ones that are 10-metre-long for smaller routes, 12-metre-long (standard size), around 15 to 20 double-deck buses and inter-city coaches.