Nizwa science & technology centre opens

By Amal Al Riyami — NIZWA: Dec 27: A Science and Technology Centre was opened in Nizwa on Tuesday. It has been established by the Ministry of Education with support from many institutions in the oil and energy sector. The aim is to help society understand and appreciate science and motivate it through interactive activities. The event was presided over by Ambassador Dr Ali bin Abdullah al Alawi, Head of Communications Department at the Foreign Ministry. He opened five halls at the centre and toured the premises to learn about its activities. Those who supported the project as well as the participating schools were honoured.

The centre aims to simplify scientific ideas and make it interesting for everyone. It plans to “expand the perceptions of students” about principles of science and technology with the help of different tools. It plans to provide scientific literature on modern developments in science and technology. It will create groups for competing locally and globally in science and technology and extend technical support for scientific innovations and initiatives in the governorate. The centre also has a robot laboratory. The Zspace Lab Hall, for instance, was set up with support from Daleel Petroleum LLC. It is a virtual platform that enables users to interact directly in a three-dimensional (3D) simulation.

The centre has a science and technology laboratory which help explore facts, theories and scientific knowledge. The fifth hall deals with nanotechnology, which is used in light and heavy industries. It helps in finding less expensive solutions such as lighting units with electricity powered by LED. This technology is also present in television screens and smartphones. There is a plan to add two more halls for 7D educational cinema and educational studio.