News on cess goes viral

894504By Fahad Al Ghadani — MUSCAT:Jan. 10 – The news about the cess on municipal waste went viral on Tuesday, with some rejecting the idea, while others gave it a “conditional approval”. Saud al Salmi, a Muscat resident, said if the government wants to impose such a fee, then it must “provide good service” to the public. “The public will have the right to criticise any service because they pay to get the best services.” While he had no problem in paying the fees, he said he also has the “right to file a case” against the authorities if he is not satisfied with the provided services.
The reaction came after the Observer published a report on January 10 that a fee on municipal waste might be introduced in the future.
An official at Be’ah confirmed that the company conducted a study which showed the average cost of municipal waste for an individual is RO 1.600 per month.
Be’ah has submitted its study to the government.
Be’ah’s Twitter account put out a video on the amount of waste generated in the Sultanate. It shows 50 million tonnes of food waste is dumped, which comes to 1.2 kg of waste per individual.
Huzeim al Mani, a resident of Shinas, said it is not fair to impose the same amount of fees for all households. “The number of family members, their age, area and other issues should be considered before fixing the fees,” said Al Mani.
According to him, the authorities should come up with a mechanism to identify or find how much waste is generated by each house.
Meanwhile, the Majlis Ash’shura has formed a committee to discuss a law to regulate sewage recycling. The law will also enable the authorities to monitor sewage water recycling plants.