New rules on abandoned automobiles

New regulations have been issued concerning abandoned vehicles in the Muscat Governorate.

The Chairman of Muscat Municipality Mohsen Mohammed Al Sheikh has issued the decision 171/2018 stating the discarded vehicles in public places in the Muscat Governorate.

There are six items published in the gazette;

Muscat Municipality defines an abandoned automobile as any vehicle that is abandoned for 14 days from the date of posting the notice on the vehicle.

Any vehicle owner should not leave the automobile in a public place causing defacement.

The municipality will stick notice on abandoned vehicles that are left in public places.

Muscat Municipality will coordinate with Royal Oman Police to check on any reports filed against the vehicle.

The gazette also states that the municipality has the right to tow the vehicle from the location at the owner’s expense after 14 days of issuing the notice.  The statement also adds that the municipality will not bear any responsibility for the cost of transportation or damage caused while towing.

In regard to charges involved, the municipality will impose fine as follows:

RO 200 for cars and 15 seater vehicles as well as motorbikes.

RO 400 for trucks and 50 seater buses as well as trailers, tractors and other equipment.

A fine of RO 1000 will be charged on vehicles used for transporting hazardous materials.  The vehicle owners will be charged RO 5 each day for delay to respond after the issuance of the notice.

The municipality will coordinate with the Royal Oman Police to auction off the vehicles if there is no response or if the due is not paid within 90 days of car withdrawal from the public place.