New deals for Omani firms at Gulfood 2018

Oman firms having a presence at the pavilion of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE) in Gulfood 2018, under way in Dubai, are eliciting significant interest from international investors, business owners and producers. Deals for new contracts, extension of existing contracts and other partnerships are under discussion.

Hamood al Balushi (inset), Director of Omani Products’ Department at PEIE’s Directorate General of Marketing and Media, stressed that the growing popularity of the Sultanate’s pavilion in Gulfood 2018 is a clear indication of the reputation and quality enjoyed by the Omani products at regional and international levels.
“It is vital for the Omani firms to be present at platforms like Gulfood, where more than 5,000 regional and international companies are participating. This kind of participations can play a role in developing production lines in factories and boosting exports to current and potential markets, which will eventually reflect in increasing the contribution of the industrial sector in the Sultanate’s GDP, the advancement of the national economy, and the provision of more job opportunities for the national cadres in the industrial sector,” Al Balushi said.
Al Balushi said that PEIE is focused on participating in various international events. He noted that PEIE has participated recently in the International Fair of Khartoum, and will take part for the first time at Kuwait International Agro Food Expo next March with an Omani pavilion. Additionally, PEIE will take part in Malaysia Int’l Halal Showcase in April.
Officials representing various Omani companies and factories emphasised on the role played by similar specialised exhibition in spreading Omani products to the widest segments. Ayman al Hasani, chairman of Omani Products Exhibitions (OPEX) Organising Committee and Director-General of Modern Dairy Factory, commented that Gulfood is one of the largest annual food and hospitality events in the world and receives a great turnout from different segments of the international economic community. “The Omani pavilion in this fair is getting more popular year after year as the demand for Omani products is increasing. This is noted by the continuing rise in export ratios,” Al Hasani said.
Commenting on the external exhibitions held as part of OPEX events, Al Hasani said that the exhibition industry has become important for the growth and development of companies. “The Omani firms have to concentrate on participating in exhibitions in order to compete in internal and external markets. This year, OPEX will be organised in Kenya taking into account that the African market remains one of the promising markets,” he noted.