NDC Council reviews performance

MUSCAT: The Council of the National Defence College (NDC) held its 5th annual meeting under the chairmanship of Lt Gen Ahmed bin Harith al Nabhani, Chief of Staff of the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF), Chairman of the NDC Council. NDC Acting Commandant gave a briefing on the performance indicators for the past and current periods. The meeting was attended by the Commander of Royal Army of Oman (RAO), Commander of Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO), Commander of the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO), Commander of the Royal Guard of Oman (RGO), NDC Commandant, Assistant Inspector General of Police and Customs for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Assistant Chairman of the Internal Security Service for Operations, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Adviser at the Ministry of Finance and Acting Assistant Commandant of NDC. The NDC aims to prepare and develop strategic studies in the areas of security and defence according to accredited plans and programmes, develop the strategic thinking, analytical capacity, strategic planning skills, formulation of national policies and decision-making in the areas of security and defence and develop the ability to unify, integrate and coordinate national efforts in all fields within a comprehensive national framework.

It also aims to prepare and qualify military, security and civilian leaders to enable them to take up general military, security and civilian positions at the strategic level, provide academic environment that stimulates creativity and learning, in strategic studies in the areas of security and defence, develop awareness and understanding with national security issues, develop the ability to manage crises, according to scientific methodology plans and conduct research and studies and to develop researching skills in the areas of security and defence. — ONA